Lasswade Karate Group


Lasswade Karate club meets in the brand new, state of the art facility at the Lasswade Centre, Eskdale Drive, Bonnyrigg. The centre has an internet cafe, library and cafe selling food and drinks as well as vending machines.

Class times:-

Tuesdays for Kids-5.30pm – 6.30pm

Adults-6.30pm – 7.30pm

Saturdays for Adults-12pm – 1pm

Kids-1pm – 2pm

Seating is available in the hall for parents / carers to watch kids and likewise for kids to watch their parents / carer taking part. Classes are always good fun with games for the kids and there is always a friendly atmosphere.


5 thoughts on “Lasswade

  1. Hi there, do you have taster days or can I bring my 8 year old along one sat morning??

    Ms Man Yuen Luk

  2. Hi. Just checking, for the kids do they attend Tuesday and Saturday or one or the other?


  3. Hi
    My near 5 yr old has expressed an interest in Karate and keen to try it out
    Could she attend a taster session or join in a class ( Tuesdays @ Lasswade) to see if she enjoys it before enrolling her
    She will be 5 in November

  4. Hi my daughter is 12 and is interested in giving karate a go. Would we be able to pop along to the class at lasswade tomorrow night to watch?
    We live in Woodburn so if she is interested would probably be easier going to this class if there is space. However lasswade would also be ok.

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