Lasswade Karate Group

Training Away

Some pictures of the senior Saturday class at Lasswade this weekend.


New Membership Form

The club has a new membership form that we are now using.  Unfortunately we need all existing users to fill in, as well as any new members.  Paul has a supplyy of these for Lasswade students.  Jim will have a supply as well, starting next week.  If you have a printer, you can access the form by clicking here, print off and either hand back to Jim or Paul.

The new form has sections for Photograph Permissions and a Behavioural Agreeement contained within.  Please note, that a child will never be identified by name on website or Social Media without prior consent from parent/guardian e.g Any competion successes that we would like to publicise.

Congratulations Kenny and Colin!

Many Congratulations to Kenny and Colin, who this evening passed their 1st Dan grading.  This is the culmination of many years hard work.  Both Kenny and Colin have dedicated massive amounts of time and effort over the last few months in training for today.  This goes to show that hard work, and belief in yourself always pays off.  Well done guys, the club is proud of you both.

Kenny, Colin and Jim - Dan Grading

Grading – October

Well done to every one of the kids and seniors who graded this weekend.  It was great to see so much hard work paying off for everyone.  Keep up the efforts and maintain the hard working attitude.  Hard work always pays off.

SKF Kumite Success

Another great day out for Lasswade Karate this weekend at the SKF Kumite Championships.  Colin Miller picked up 3rd place and Kenny Moffat came away as the champion picking up 1st place.  Alan Marshall also represented Lasswade and competed well, but unfortunately had to withdraw through injury.  Kenny fought very well in what is traditionally a very difficult, and hard fought category.  Well done guys!


Colin, Kenny and Aldo

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