Lasswade Karate Group

February 2018

The Beast from the East could not deter the hard working students from their training recently.  A few images of some of the hard work being put in, and a lot of fun of course.


New Membership Form

The club has a new membership form that we are now using.  Unfortunately we need all existing users to fill in, as well as any new members.  Paul has a supplyy of these for Lasswade students.  Jim will have a supply as well, starting next week.  If you have a printer, you can access the form by clicking here, print off and either hand back to Jim or Paul.

The new form has sections for Photograph Permissions and a Behavioural Agreeement contained within.  Please note, that a child will never be identified by name on website or Social Media without prior consent from parent/guardian e.g Any competion successes that we would like to publicise.

New Roles Within the Club

There have been a few changes behind the scenes of who does what in the group.  Whilst Jim will remain in charge of the club, the following people and roles have been identified.

Sarah Jarmin is the new Facebook admin.

Chris Lennie is looking after our fundraising, so if you have an idea please speak to him.

Colin Miller is dealing with our club clothing orders.

Paul Baker is taking on the responsibility of being our Compliance Officer who is responsible for Child Protection queries.  (Paul is fully PVG certified and has worked in his local primary school delivering cycling and IT training to pupils)

Kenny Moffat will also remain as the Chair of the above ‘committee’ ensuring that the Group goes from strength to strength.

ALL OF YOU are responsible for coming along and making the club what it is! Keep up the good work team!


Competing in Karate

Students from Lasswade compete in many of the various competitions held throughout the year.  Competing is part of the journey, and in order to obtain your ‘Black Belt’, it is a requirement to have attended at least 20 organised competitions.

There are two types of competition, Kumite and Kata.  Both involve a number of rounds where one competitor competes against another (In Kata, sometimes there are pairs events).  The winner of each round continuing on to the next.  In Kumite competition, each round lasts two minutes (longer for finals) or until one fighter reaches eight points.  Points are awarded by the judges (1,2 or 3) for punching and kicking techniques to various parts of body.  In Kata, each participant performs their chosen Kata on the mat, then the judges vote for their preferred Kata by raising the appropriate coloured flag.  Useful videos available on SKF website

When competing, one of two coloured belts is worn by each competitor (or both in paired events),  Red or Blue.  This allows the judges to identify each fighter and thereafter award points / decisions accordingly to each participant.  Competitors are told before each ’bout’ which colour they will be. Continue reading